Discount and free delivery from local growers!

A local Cardiff based company set up three years ago by Gerry Murphy is offering members of Forest Farm Allotments 10% discount and free delivery off all their seeds.

Gerry, owner and manager of Grow Seed says ‘I got into gardening about 8 years ago and got a bit fed up with constant “new seed” introductions, every other one claiming to be “the best”, so I decided to start doing a bit of research and set up my own company. I don’t have a massive seed catalogue although it does expand every year or so, but what I do have I believe to be very high quality seed that produces a high yield of crop, brilliant germination rates and even better taste.’ Gerry is known for his garlic and onion sets and has customers coming back year on year for those alone.

Everything on sale is grown over three years to ensure continuity of the results and the business is ALPHA (formerly DEFRA) Approved under licence number 7536.

Click on the link below to check out the seeds available.

To order simply complete the registration form (which will come up when you go to ‘check out’ for the first time). To receive your discount and free delivery you’ll need to enter a code into the ‘vouchers’ box you’ll see when you ‘check out’. We’ll send your code by email but, if you haven’t received it and want to order, email us at and we’ll send you one by return.

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