A Recipe for Success!

Diana and Paul Bowden, plots 86 & 87, have had great results so far this year despite the hot sun and lack of rain.

Paul says, ‘The sun this year has been a mixed blessing, with hot afternoons and very dry ground – not great for growing but better than wet, wet, wet! Watering every night has been essential in the absence of rain but very tiring as the water butt is four allotments away from us!

The runner beans are not great as they do not like dry weather but fruit, brassicas, lettuce and beetroot are doing well. The courgettes (as ever) are producing a good crop – 30 so far – and the potatoes have been good – 2 rows of earlies used.

All our fruit and vegetables are grown under nets or the birds will have them. Courgettes, potatoes and beetroot are OK unprotected and do not net runner beans.’

Some of Diana and Paul’s harvest over the past 2 to 3 weeks.

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