Visit to Cardiff’s Energy Recovery Facility.

Six members of Forest Farm Allotments visited the Viridor ERF (energy recovery facility) in Tremorfa on Tuesday 22nd August. This was arranged by Carol Ann Tyrol who had visited previously.
Ken & Margaret Liverton, Peta Lancaster, Richard & Pauline Williams, Ann Harrod.

Mark Pool (Education Centre and Community Benefits Manager), assisted by Emma, gave us a video presentation and then a guided tour round the facility. Recycling, to the uninitiated, may not seem a very exciting subject, but this high tech industry turning your waste material into energy, generates sufficient electricity to power around 50,000 houses. Most of the residual waste is turned into materials that can be used in the construction industry and the ‘gas’ released into the air at the end of the process (via a ninety metre stack!) is of a purer quality than the original air drawn in!
Everyone agreed that the two-hour tour was both extremely enjoyable and educational and gave a much better insight and understanding of the importance and benefits (both immediate and long term ‘green’) of recycling. I think we shall all very happily be far more conscientious in our future recycling efforts.

If anyone is interested in visiting the facility, let us know and we shall be happy to arrange a future date. Complete the ‘comment form’ below or email us at We can assure you that you will have an enjoyable and very interesting visit.

For further information about Cardiff’s energy recovery facility go to .

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