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Our original plan was to sow native wildflower seeds along the bank on the east side of the allotments, just to the right as you come in the main gate.

This apparently is part of the flood defences managed by Natural Resources Wales (ex Department of the Environment) so we had to request their agreement. To cut a long story short, after two meetings involving four members of the NRW team, we were told that this had been identified by them as a pollination area (which was what we wanted to achieve!) but that they wanted to allow it to seed ‘naturally’ so they could see what was already there. Apparently wild flowers in South Wales vary from those – for example – in the South of England and the seeds that had been supplied to us (from non less than Kew Royal Botanical Gardens!) didn’t reflect the true bio-diversity of the region.

So – Plan B is to sow the seeds in the area around the borehole on the West Side of the allotments. This is the area where the container is sited at the top of the road leading up from the allotment shed.

We have sufficient seed for approximately 150 square metres so will have an excess after covering that area. If there is anywhere else that you can suggest would benefit, please contact us.

If we have spare seed after all the designated areas have been covered – which is highly likely – this will be offered to anyone who has an area of their plot suitable for use.

The benefit is obviously that the wild flowers will attract insects and wild life which will both enhance and be good for your plot. If you would like to take part and have some seeds please register your interest by contacting us on the form below.

If you are able to give a few hours to help prepare the ground and sow the seeds please contact us either on the form below or phone Ken Liverton on 07711 562694

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