Our Shop

We have a shop on site which is located in the blue container adjacent to the Allotment Shed. Various items are available at competitive prices and any profits go into our funds.

The Shop is open regularly on Wednesday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. At other times you can contact Lin Dimond – our Shop Manager – on 07842 327853, or email at alandimond12@gmail.com.  Lin and Alan can also be found on plot 50 & 65 most days.

Price List 2020


Non-Woven Weed Fabric 0.50p per metre
Woven Weed Fabric 1.00 per metre
Horse Manure 2.75 per 50 litres
Compost 3.80 per 40 litres
Rope 0.50p per metre
Bird Netting 0.65p per metre
8 ft Bean sticks 0.40p each
Scaffold Netting 0.65p per metre
String 1.25 per ball
Roundup Weed killer 4.50 per litre
Gloves (charity) 0.50p
Lime 0.25p per kilo
Grow more 1.10p per kilo
6x 1.30p per 2 kilos
Fleece 0.50p per metre
Onion Sacks 0.10p each
3 ft canes 0.10p each
Sulphate of Ammonia 1.00 per kilo
Slug pellets 1.00 per 500 grams
Organic Slug Pellets 4.75 per 700 grams
Blood Fish and Bone 1.10 per bag
Pegs for Weed Fabric 0.07p each
Rubble Sacks 0.20p each
Straining Wire 0.35p metre
Wire Mesh 1.85 + 1.00 per metre
Free Garden Books and magazines N/A
Some tools N/A